St. Matthew's Anglican Church

Winter 2017 | M.Arch | Ottawa, CA

Located in Ottawa’s Glebe neighborhood, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church is a steel-framed structure constructed in 1929.  Built in a Gothic style and clad with Indiana limestone, the building is situated on a tight lot with few trees, bounded by Glebe and First Avenue and adjacent residential buildings. The lot contains the church with its original pedal organ, the chapel, squat bell tower, and basement parish hall. The original parish hall was sold in 1996 and redeveloped into residences that are no longer within site boundaries. The site is yet to be designated at any level.

The scope of the documentation project was to digitally produce a drawing set of the church's current status, outline the property's values within a Statement of Significance and to thereafter disseminate said information.

To create a drawing set which was accurate to contemporary conditions, a point cloud was created via FARO laserscanning which thereafter was used to generate 2D autocad plans. The following images are select pages from the final drawing set:

Kate Coulthart, Chelsea Jacobs, Taylor Balodis, Raluca Dubrotescu, Troy Whalen & Kelly Hann


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