6.0 Cube - Spatial Catalogue

Fall 2016 | M.Arch | Ottawa, CA

During the initial semester of the Masters of Architecture Program at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, the first studio was largely based on the creation and comprehension of various spatial conditions. Via crafting, the task was to create six spatial conditions exemplified in a 6" by 6" cube, and thereafter, to combine all of the cubes to make one larger spatial composition.

The above sketches illustrate the adopted logic behind the creation of the various cubes. In an attempt to justify and rationalize the design of the cubes, 2 methodologies were adopted:

1. The 6 cubes should have consistent proportions

2. The cubes should be classified based upon spatial functions as either: Transitional, Nodal or Destination

During the process of crafting the cubes, intensive material studies were undergone in an attempt to further distinguish spatial conditions. Texture, reflectivity, color and transparency were traits explored both via physical making and computer rendering trials.

The final task was to amalgamate the 6 separate spatial conditions into one larger assembly - symbolizing the amalgamation of building elements into a unified architecture. The assembly below conceptually takes visitors on a journey by means of transitional, nodal and destination spaces.

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