Winter 2017 | M.Arch | Ottawa, CA

Titled:Resilient Aggregation, the third iteration of the M.Arch 1 Aggregation BinderClip Project, is an arrangement generated from the study of units, assemblies and aggregations. Metaphorically, the final, spatial iteration illustrates typical characteristics of many complex societal and political systems.

Part I

The initial portion of this project was to explore connections and subsequent aggregations of a simple every day object: Binder Clips.

Various conditions, ranging from sheet and ribbon to spherical and cubic volumes arose however it was the behavior of the individual units which most caught our attention.

Forces of compression and tension caused the units to react and exhibit elastic and plastic alterations.

Part II

Following the creation of the binder clip aggregation, the subsequent exercise included drawing the internal forces and movements within the system.

Part III

The final product of this project is a spatial iteration of our earlier explorations which we have titled: Resilience.

Metaphorically, it is an arrangement which illustrates characteristics of manycomplex societal and political systems.  

The range of movement of a single unit is twice that of the same unit whenaggregated into a larger field condition. At the scale of a single component,each module has a predetermined range of motion as well as a point in saidmovement when the structural condition naturally urges to change state – thismoment is what we call the yield point. Each component is able to shift beyondits determined yield point – after which the entirety of the system’s structurebecomes slightly less stable. If too many of the individual modules shift intothis secondary position, the entire system will fail – therefore delineatingthat the entire system itself has a yield point.

Upontesting the movement of our built translation we also observed a type ofemergent intelligence - the system, with all of its varied module shapes,materials and sizes is able to respond and equalize in relation to externalforces.

Markedly,this same notion of strength and yield point in a system can be applied to societaland political systems. Directly related to a demographic aggregation ofvaried scale, the lessons imply a strength and resiliency in numbers. An external force will cause a rippled impact effect through modules, bodies, families,organizations, nations...

Kate Coulthart & Josh Wallace

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