The Ottawa New Edinburgh Club

Summer 2017 | Mitacs | Ottawa, CA

Over the summer of 2017, with support from the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbansim as well as the NCC, comprehensive digital documentation of the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club building was undergone. Markedly, ONEC is one of Ottawa's oldest sports clubs and is an outstanding building, elevated above the Ottawa River.

The intent of the project was to create architectural plans of a heritage site by means of laser-scanning and other digital technologies. It should be noted that assessments of heritage value and built condition were not of focus during this project – the data collected may be of relevance to those, however they were beyond the scope of this work.

Team Members: Kate Coulthart, Chelsea Jacobs, James Noh & Yating Wei
Supervised by: Professor Mariana Esponda

Project Outcome:
As final deliverables of this internship, we have created a 3D point cloud of the ONEC site and an architectural drawing set of the building.

The work completed during this project was broken into three phases:

1. Scanning & Registration

2. Cloud Manipulation & Drawing Generation

3. Presentation & Disseminaton

High Resolution RGB Interior Views Captured from Point Cloud:

Using Format