Interpretive Centre for Power Generation

Fall 2015 | Green Architecture | Ottawa, CA

Designed as a proposal for a Cultural Interpretive Centre, Aeolipyle is a built manifest and space dedicated to teaching the public about Ottawa's power generation history and future.

Located within the confines of the ZIBI development on Chaudiere Island, adjacent to the Chaudiere falls, the proposal introduces a level of community unto a residentially dominated zone.

"Through the formal design, materiality, program and spatial organization of the interpretive learning centre, the resultant aeolipyle design is a built manifest of the driving concept - Energy Transformation"

The driving architectural concept of Energy Transformation is manifested by the building’s formal design through a notion of height differential and the inherent potential energy associated with that. In terms of the massing of the Aeolipyle structure, there is an attempt to highlight verticality through open interior atrium space, exterior depressed landscaping as well as an integration of multi-level components.

Through the implementation of passive as well as active design strategies, the project targeted net zero water consumption as well as net zero energy consumption. In order to ensure this high level of performance, Sefaira energy modelling was completed.

Below are a selection of interior renders - generated using sketchup & lumion.

Kate Coulthart, Jessica Vagner, William Leahey, Shadi Bultaif & Juan Gonzalo

Awards + Publications

2016 Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project Award (CaGBC)
1st Runner-Up

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